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First Steps – When a death occurs

At Gilsenan Funeral Directors we know that most people can never be adequately prepared for the emotional stress which arises on the death of a loved one. This is where we as professionals – provide for immediate needs with our expert and caring services as professionals who understand what you are going through and you are assured t hat we can discreetly handle all the necessary funeral arrangements with compassion and caring support.

Gilsenan Funeral Directors will endeavour to relieve the family of all concerns during the arrangement of the Funeral. We provide reassurance that even the smallest detail will be attended to and that every individual requirement will be carried out in a most dignified manner.

For many of our clients – the family is arranging a funeral for the first time Many of our client families are arranging a funeral for the first time and their focus is on what to do first. This will depend on where the death has occurred and what are the circumstances.

When someone dies at home

If the death was expected the deceased will most likely have been attended to by their GP recently. The first call should be made to this doctor who will be required to visit the home to confirm that death has occurred. ( out of hours doctor services will also provide this facility.)

Once the death has been confirmed by this medic – then you should contact Gilsenan Funeral Home – we provide a 24 hour service. Tel (044) 9340925, Con Gilsenan Mobile 086 261 1242, Tony Quinn Mobile 086 243 2568.
The family may also wish to contact a minister of their faith.

When someone dies in hospital, hospice or nursing home

Normally the Hospital, hospice or nursing home will contact a doctor to confirm the death. You should contact Gilsenan Funeral home 044 9340925 to make the funeral arrangements.

When someone dies suddenly

Sudden deaths should be reported to An Garda Siochána who refer the death to The Coronor and this may result in a post-mortem or autopsy which normally delays the funeral arrangements by a few days. Once the death is reported you should contact Gilsenans Funeral Home 044 9340925.

Gilsenan Funeral Directors are here to guide you in making your preferred funeral arrangements as every funeral is unique. We are here to ensure your final tribute to the deceased reflects yours and the family’s wishes and where the deceased has make specific requests – we are here to ensure these are carried out with respect.
For example Con Gilsenan and his caring team will

  • make contact with the hospital/nursing home, church, cemetery or crematorium;
  • assist in composing the announcement for the papers/radio
  • assist in selecting the coffin
  • advise on the choice of clothing
  • arrange for transportation for the removal and funeral
  • advise and assist on decisions relating to flowers, organists, soloists, church offerings, clergy fees and gratuities

Feel free to contact us for any information.